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La Hora de Las Brujas

By Antonela Pallini-Zemin

Meet me a la hora de las brujas if you can’t sleep

Enter my dream without asking permiso, no te vas a arrepentir

But there’s something de lo que te tengo que advertir

Once you wake up, you’ll find love no more in anyone else

You see, when you peeped into the dreams of an awaken self

Ves todo como debería ser, ves the tall trees dancing with their

Twelve hundred feet, a witch’s tongue the length of the Amazonas,

God’s dark eye and bright eye todo el día, al mismo tiempo, 24/7,

The purple water in an endless creek, a woman on both borders

Doubling herself in flesh and speech, the repetition of the beat

Of a waterpecker blowing bubbles in the bottom of the creek,

La presencia the Pachamama and the absence of la luz mala,

You see the seven hooves of a horse inhaling the earth

Propelling him or her to the air, you smell the untamed rain

And its rightful rhythm going astray, you hear the zigzag hissing

Of the wavy movement of the torso of the shamaness you’ve come

To visit and learn, you cup her inviting heart and feel your palma

Sweat the tears of your past, como los gatos she transmutes wounds

Mientras duerme, so no te preocupes that she’ll be alright,

But you won’t be able to turn around, she will hold you for a minute

Too long, longer than your social distance, but enough for her

Para hacerte apreciar que hay una diferencia entre ‘me gustás’ y

‘Me encantás’, y es que las curanderas encantan, specially when they

Are crabs, earthly dragons, angel hearts, rabbit fur, owls eyes,

There’s a world of abrazos, de lazos de amor, en los arms de

Las mujeres de la tierra, soft lips, gounding bites, refrains of love,

Amor en su forma mejor, expressed outloud; so think twice

Before you decide to visit me at witches time, porque después

De hacerlo, there’ll be no way back to mundane arms.

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