about us

harana poetry is the online magazine for poets writing in English as a second or parallel language. The editors are Kostya Tsolakis and Romalyn Ante.

Kostya and Romalyn are both poets who write in English as their second language. Their mother tongues are Greek and Tagalog respectively.


Kostya and Romalyn created harana poetry as a platform for poets who write in English as a second language, or use additional languages and dialects in combination with English in their work. The mission of harana poetry is to resist singleness of tongue and thought, initiate creative conversations and enlarge possibilities.


harana poetry will publish online every February, June and October. There will be three month-long submission windows for poems annually in December (for February), April (for June) and August (for October). 

harana poetrys seven-string guitar logo and header were designed by Martina Klančišar.