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How to Do the Shrimp Dance in Manila Village, USA Near the Houses Built on Stilts in 1900
By William Pagdatoon

1.   Remember to rise early and skip school for the summer-shrimp season has begun


2.   Help fishermen load luggers with nets and baskets 


3.   Watch them set out and wait at the docks for those trawlers to return


4.   Inspect the catch 


a.   Put shrimp into baskets and throw everything else back into the ocean


5.   Remember to wash them in a cauldron with equal parts water and salt 


6.   Boil for 20 minutes and dump them in the ballroom that wooden raised platform outside


7.   Let them sweat in the sun so they dry and don’t spoil


8.   Flip every two hours with rakes 


a.   If it starts to rain, rake the shrimp into piles cover with tarpaulin


b.   If it’s sunset, do the same as in the previous step


9.   After three days take a number find the corresponding pair of brogans


a.   If there are no brogans left, don’t fret, take a pair of boots and cover in burlap wrap


10.   Remember these shoes will be yours for the rest of the season


11.   Remember too they must only be used in the ballroom and placed back on the shelf after use


12.   Gather your friends and find a patch of shrimp who are waiting to dance


13.   Make a circle and shuffle your feet round-and-round, hear the flaky skin cracking


14.   Round-and-round-and-round-and-round-and-round-and-round-and-round-and-stop


15.   Place the shrimp in baskets and sieve the skin powder (Sweep it up for fertilizer and feed)


16.   Now move to a new shrimp patch and repeat steps 13-16 until you’ve cleared the dance floor


17.   Remember to repeat this dance every summer, a humid shrimp-cycle curled head to tail

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