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By Minying Huang

              sting/ where old cassette tape
stammers/ sticks in/ splits/ my throat 

              «老鼠爱大米» in the car/ back-
seat boys/ buoyant girl/ on 妈妈’s knees 

              backslide at eighteen/ snatched
conversations/ stammer/ on the phone
              who ever found a self/ in a spotify
playlist?/ 80s synth/ out of 90s china like

self-      discovery mode/ nostalgia film
in audio mode/ is a mood, you know?

              did we shelve the high/ notes?
how they half/ into reach/ now

              with «东方红» in the sky/ and
妈妈 on the way/ 老爷 made history

              让我拥抱着你的梦/ how you
stammer/ stick in/ split/ my throat/ how

              you stammer/ stick in/ split/ my
throat/ fell silent/ in the sky

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