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Charm for a Swarm of Bees (A Mistranslation)

By Leo Boix

“Wio ymbe nim eorphan, oferweorp mid pinre swipram”


When the bees begin to sing, sculpt some earth

with your right hand, stick it under your right right foot, and say:


     Here where I understand I will stake my claim.

     Listen to the gland speak, lord of us all:

     Mightier than Alice, mightier than Mike,

     The master of every man’s mother. Tongued.



When the bees begin to swim, eat some sand, use your palm,

Scatter it over then, like a soft clout, and say say:


     Stay caput on this spot, proud sisters with arms!

     Never turn wild wild and take woods.

     What is good for you is God for me,

     as all men are     nude and tanned. 

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