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Shadow Weight

By Laura Izabela

Now that youre gone, days

Are erased rather than spent. Withdraw

All my grief. I have grown into a numb minded house —

Wife without a house or a husband, a horse, or 

Anything really to keep trying for. No milk

Or honey in this fridge, rather a polished

Ditch in my stomach. These days, 

I count hours by sighs and my muffled

Hysterias, spend time 

Like drunken money, and leave forever

With the sea. These nights, I dont long

For mornings, hours pass through 

Me like running rivers, and sunrises no longer

Linger. In my heart

Seasons change but still, I find myself

Changing highways from one

To another to avoid you like

Flaming trash cans—I have lost

All direction, following swans to their 

Nests instead where I call home. Sometimes I hear

Your name spoken softly in a foreign tongue far away

But all that comes, instead of you, is another night

And all thats left to hold is the cruel, glacial moon.

There is only shadow now where once was song.

Here, where the stars keep on falling.

Here, where your love still shields my head


From stardust and the snow.

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