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Heterosexual Bloodsports

By Patrizia Longhitano

In this house, while Lana sings 

It’s you, it’s you, it’s all for you

he bakes bread for her asking about her day.


In this house, they are not allowed to kiss

or touch: a girlfriend in Spain

with psychic abilities could get quite jealous.


Hints of sexual intimacy are definitely banned

but it’s so hard to resist brushing against her

when walking through those narrow corridors.


Who knew a sofa could be the place where

‘As a species we usually do the wrong thing’?

While watching ‘American Horror Story’,


English grammar and a vast vocabulary

become so overrated when you can 

fall asleep on each other’s shoulders.


After many years passed proclaiming her manifesto 

about modern genderfluid love, she feels 

quite defeated by these squared heterosexual nuisances.


It can be so hard to fight sticky clustered desires 

and glances at those broad shoulders in front of Bill

and Susanna from BBC News at 7 in the morning.

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