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Me tin efgi mou

By Koraly Dimitriadis

Na pa-is me tin efgi mou


Pigene, re koumpare, me tin efgi mou

If you want to f--k up your life, go do it

See this body? This heart? This soul?

You don’t deserve to cast your eyes over it

There’ll be no more room service for you,

no more of my wise words laid out perfectly for you

to dabble in, absorb, throw out the remainders


Push me away, koumpare, push me away

think of more harsh words to throw my way

my sis says you’re not for sovari s-hesi anyway

Accelerate on that path of destruction

crash back into the arms of your seductress

but I won’t hold your hand while you f--k her


You want to go back to your city? Pigene

We may not have enough natural sunshine here

but we have rainbow rays of diversity

The entire world lives in my city

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else


And when you’ve done your thing

emerged scathed and with startling clarity

don’t look for me, because, you won’t find me

don’t reach out to caress my breast

because by then that privilege will have expired


don’t scavenge for pieces of us

because otan espase to giali, espase

gluing glass together leaves permanent cracks

and if you’re that easily manipulated, koumpare

if you can’t tell the difference between

what is good for you and what is bad

if have the choice between me and her

and you choose that

na pais me tin efgi mou

because there is no way

you are the right man for me, anyway

and if you need some further clarification

listen to Amy Winehouse’s In my bed





Pigene, re koumpare, me tin efgi mou: Cypriot vernacular – Go, bestman (equivalent to Australian slang ‘mate’) with my blessing 
Sovari s-hesi: Greek – Serious relations
Otan espase to giali, espase: Cypriot saying – When the glass has broken, it’s broken

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