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poem written when my 婆婆 could still remember me
By Annina Zheng-Hardy


last year i asked my mother what she thinks 在粉碎


tbt stands for 记忆 “turn back time?” 

仍有许多人 and I 

didn’t 努力保留着


tell 仅存的碎片differently



when my mother was small and 

misbehaved her mother would tell her: you don’t deserve a good death


now i see 

my mother’s mother one half her

face at a time sometimes 之前一阵大风席卷世界而来


the video freezes i wait 

but the connection 之后一阵大风席卷


is fine she is just being 


the 世界而去




more of her memories she loses 

the sweeter she becomes


                     eating peaches shirtless over the sink

juices and pulp running down my arms abundance

my mother and my mother's mother taught me to inherit 

i remember that 

there will be a last time 

i hear my mother laugh


my grandmother was already my mother’s mother and

long an orphan the first time she heard 

a plastic bag 


what would she have thought it sounded 

like that first time 

how would she describe to me 


the sound of it


when you

touch my face 


and i  am already motherless

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