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Quarantine Notes
By Yahia Lababidi


To anticipate the worst is to contribute towards its realization.

Gains obtained, unethically, are short-lived – even if they last a lifetime.

Always act as if you’re being watched: where the surveillance state and spiritual state are in agreement.

If life has placed you on probation, best to proceed with added caution.

There is no private life; what we do, in secret, is secreted, publicly.

The master and the novice are not permitted the same mistakes.

We have only to falter for sins to commit themselves.

Remember, nobody can help you but – through Him, alone – anybody can lend a hand.

You cannot ask for Help, then shun it every time it arrives.

Let he who is without sin complain about injustice.

When we are wrongly accused, the punishment still fits the hidden sin.

In the same way that love is regenerative medicine, hate is a degenerative disease.

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