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staircase – إشارة النسر
isharit al nisser
By Zein Sa’dedin


a turn first, then another: a green meaning
to go, to move, to leave dabouq and drive
back into the city.                


i roll my window down and witness
the present carry on like birds
beyond the blurring.


in the passenger’s seat i gather the sounds,
swell of an adhan, arrival of dawn, muffled
bass of a radio rushing past.


i’m training myself to take note of stillness,
measuring every distance we cover in song.


tonight, our choice: amr diab. to my left,
a man loses himself in the music. in arabic,
we call this tarab.               

       his one hand      
on the wheel, the other,
the breeze between us.       


tell tale signs, same turn
of the heart.

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