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The Frenchwomen of Fulham

By Julie Irigaray

Each morning, the Frenchwomen of Fulham

do cardio in the park next to the French school

Did they enrol them because they believe in


The Frenchwomen of Fulham hired

Did they give up their careers to follow


They know they are temporary.

the terrace

of the café overlooking the muddy park.

little Paris.

One complains about her British sister-in-law:

when you

don’t give a damn about the person!

parade on TV –


In a few years’ time, they will drive for two hours 


No more cardio in the park. 


where their French children are pupils.   

the superiority of the French educational system, 


a personal coach: he makes them trot around

their husband-entrepreneurs abroad?  


Après l'effort, le réconfort: 


Sipping their steaming noisette in the damp 


She gave me a candle for Christmas!



Another one sighs: I never thought I’d miss 



each morning to bring their children to the posh



or to preserve their Frenchness?


like mares trained for dressage. 

None of them is over forty.  


the Frenchwomen of Fulham sit on 


autumn morning, they recreate a


It’s the kind of present you offer



watching the Bastille Day military

Lycée Français in Kensington.

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