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Not Everyone I Love Dies

By Piero Toto

sampling Derek Jarman’s Blue


like this flower picked for fear

of losing you    like this goldfish

flushed down the heresy of childhood


there’s a better place they swore

i swear this is the only place

our silences shall long for


but the gods will tear us apart

like love without joy no division

like martyrs on faggots in flames, abrupt

the faggots – yay us – disintegrating

history’s post-truth


so minds will wander      truth shall lie

neglected in harsh epiphanies

our lives untold / unfold

in a billion pieces

/ don’t mute don’t anger me /

your story disconnecting

& rebuked

–  it’s off

my centre of gravity dishevelled from

its kernel

from its core / you’re silent


but there’s a better place they swore

yet everyone i love dies

like this flower –

blue, upon your grave

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