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issue 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of harana poetry, the online magazine for poets writing in English as a second or parallel language. 

Michellan Sarile-Alagao


Anthony Aguero

I Want Kisses

That Summer

Claire Trévien

Every kitchen on the move

Ceramic brain

Marina Dora Martino

ten winters

Dean Atta

Στο τραπέζι με την αγάπη μου

Antony Huen

Chinese Horoscopes


Autumn Koel

Julie Irigaray

The Frenchwomen of Fulham

Haunted by Houses

Koraly Dimitriadis

I wish I was a cool Greek guy

Me tin efgi mou

Fokkina McDonnell

the statistics of poetry

Aylin Graves

this evening in the olive grove

Angeliki Ampelogianni

Mother Sea

Sofija Zovko


Hiromitsu Koiso


Jasmina Bolfek-Radovani

Eleven images for my father’s blues

Poetry] automaton that spits out fog

Gabriella Munoz


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