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issue 9

Welcome to the ninth issue of harana poetry, the online magazine for poets writing in English as a second or parallel language.


Gita Ralleigh

Tending the Epiphyte

Roula-Maria Dib

Coating Fog

Ode to Ashta

Christiana Jasutan

home is a verb

Özge Lena

In Response to a Question


Suha Kudsieh

God in the Highest


Erica Hesketh

Forty-ninth day

Dionissios Kollias

The Backyard

William Pagdatoon

How to Do the Shrimp Dance in Manila Village, USA Near the Houses Built on Stilts in 1900

Ali Al-Jamri

Invitations were sent, but no one came

The male line

Yuan Changming

Self-Addressing: A X-Cultural Poem


Mark Dimaisap

English Just Doesn’t Cut

Harriet Jae


Ali Seegar

To the humble potato

Anna Teresa Slater

everything was papaya

Sunra Rainz

The Zen of Making Roti



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